Lisa Anderson-Callahan

It works WILL CHANGE your life! In June 2010, I had 2 jobs working as a full-time respiratory therapist, was a single mom of three children at home, and barely able to make ends meet. As most people are, I was molded to be an employee from a very young age. Go to school and get a degree, work and make your American dream.

 When I turned 30 I discovered network marketing and became extremely excited at the thought of creating my own legacy. Plugging away at several companies over the years I made a little bit of money, a lot of friends, and had a great time. Yet it seemed I did not have the right combination of a great company, great products, great compensation, and the passion I needed to fuel myself when times were difficult.

In June 2010 at the age of 48 I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that this was probably all there was. A master at juggling bills, or so I thought, I made the bank a lot of money in NSF fees. I also went to the food bank at least once a month, borrowed from one of those loanshark places, and post-dated checks at the grocery like clockwork. Perhaps I was living the typical American dream. So much in debt I could never get out!
Enter ItWorks! Global! When I first put this Crazy Wrap on my body and saw the difference in my skin within 45 minutes, I became so excited! Who doesn't want to look better quickly? I knew everybody would! Though I did not have the resources, I signed up as a distributor immediately and started contacting people I knew. I went to see them and put the wrap on them and earned cash. They had great results too and became customers and distributors. Within a few short months my commission check went from $12 in one month to almost 300! Not to mention the cash I was earning wrapping people. The sky was the limit!
Let me stop here to say that my weight in the beginning was 150 pounds, the most I ever weighed when I was pregnant. Over several years struggling I had become depressed and it took it's toll. Within a few short years of starting this business, I lost 25 pounds and got off several medications that I just didn't need anymore because my body was in a healthier state because of the products! You see, when you give your body the right nutrition your body heals itself! That in itself is worth more than the price of gold!
As this business has grown,  my team has grown to thousands and thousands of customers and distributors. All of the distributors have the same potential to earn as much money as they need, or want. Several earn more than I do! All of them have the ability to get healthier and change the lives of other people as well! This in itself, gives me so much happiness to know that I am truly making a difference in the lives of others.
As a respiratory therapist, I was able to help people feel better, get better temporarily and learn how to deal with their diseases. Now I am able to help people stay healthier so they don't get sick in the first place! 
Now THAT is really changing lives!
I am now six years into this life-changing business. I have two grandchildren to add to my family, and I'm able to spend as much time with them as I want. Over $40,000+ dollars has been paid off in loans, credit cards, and medical bills. And the best of all? I have SELF RETIRED -or as we say in this business, "rewired". What does that mean? I am completely self employed today of my own choosing. I no longer need to work for someone else with their conditions as to when I can come and go, and how much I am worth. I know how much I am worth and if I want a raise I can give myself a raise anytime! In the last several years at my home care company job- the largest one in the United States – raises were not given! 
Thousands of my team members are earning great incomes from the "residual income" they experience from their work. You see, we all start with the same opportunity it's what we do with it that matters-kind of like life! 
What does your ideal life look like? Do you work a job? Do you spend your time vacationing and traveling? Do you spend your time with family? What do you look like? Are you healthy and disease free? Do you have energy and do you sleep well? Do you feel good about getting up in the morning and not dread that alarm clock? What kind of life do you want to design? Because it really is up to you, you're in charge of your decisions!  Here's the big question… If you continue doing what you're doing now what would your life look like in five years? 10 years? Will it change?
I am so excited to share this opportunity and these amazing products with anyone who is eager to help themselves.  The absolute best part of this business is the amazing friends I have made that are like family! You could never put a price on friendship, people need each other and when I find someone who has a life vision that I have, to be the best they can be and to help others we become like family! I have been part of several different companies and I have never ever ever found anything like this. It is a culture of love, Christian love for others that supersedes anything I've ever experienced in any job or company in my entire life!
So what are you waiting for? Let's get this crazy wrap on you, so you can experience it for yourself, or perhaps you are ready to join me and help change the world one life at a time!? Because it really is more than just a wrap! It is a life changer! It is our Time-this company is in momentum and so is our team! We are growing at a extraordinary rate, don't miss it! 

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